Senegal: The Land of Teranga

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Located on the westernmost part of the African continent, Senegal is fronted on the Westside by the Atlantic Ocean, on the eastside by Mali, on the northside by Mauritania and on the southside by the Republic of Guinea and Guinea Bissau. With an area of 196,722 square kilometers, The Gambia is cut into its center, searing for nearly 300km deep into the interior.

Temperatures are similar to that of The Gambia, with a range of 25° to 35° in the coastal region and exceeding 40° Eastward. The land is essentially flat with sandy soil, except in the southeast where the Bassari Mounts reach a height of 581m.

With the river Gambia crossing Senegal in the center amongst others, the river is not the only asset linking these two countries. Muslims also represent 95% of the population; the remaining 5% is made up of Christians and persons still practicing animism. Similarities can also be found in the numerous ethnic groups in Senegal, each with its own dialect.

Senegal has managed to create a cultural environment conducive to the expression and full-fledged development of various art forms and traditional rites. Its endearing oral literature, as exemplified by its storytelling, poetry and chant, is one of the outstanding aspects of Senegalese culture. This form of artistic expression, combined with the use of traditional musical instruments such as the drum, flute, xalam etc. were used as tools of communication, awareness-raising, education and animation during initiation rites and family ceremonies, including marriages, naming ceremonies, circumcisions etc.

In addition to cultural attractions, parks and reserves are also abundant in Senegal, making the visit a more fulfilling experience for the visitor.

Since its independence in 1960, the country has managed to develop a model of democracy for which it is world-renowned. The population is mainly rural and generates its income from farming activities, which are highly dependent on the vagaries of the weather.

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