Responsible Tourism

Responsible Tourism
Whilst aiming to provide authentic and fulfilling experiences for our clients, we uphold our corporate responsibilities through regard for our employees’ work conditions and the places we visit during our organized activities. We are committed to minimizing the environmental and social impacts of our operations through co-operation with the relevant people in support of the conservation of culture, natural areas and habitats. Our efforts to increase support to responsible initiatives that aid communities in and around The Gambia has influenced our collaboration with ASSET and its members (Association of Small Scale Enterprises in Tourism). We believe that together we can truly make a difference, attested by success of the strong partnerships developed with local individuals and communities.

Click below for some of our tours developing links with individuals and communities.
Women Oyster Farmers – TRY Association
A visit to the Oyster Farmer’s Association gives guests an insight into another aspect of local women’s ways of maintaining livelihoods for themselves and their families. Until recently, all oyster farming methods were purely indigenous, utilising local, less efficient tools. In addition to this, the women had to waddle in the shallow waters of the mangroves or paddle small boats to gather and move their day’s harvest up shore. Today, the women are equipped with safer, more efficient pirogues (locally built boats), and they are provided with training including that of health, safety and hygiene. Guests will have the opportunity to sample local oyster snacks before heading to a local restaurant for a Gambian lunch. After lunch, we drive to the paper recycling centre where an increased awareness and importance of recycling is demonstrated in an environment where the implementation of such precautionary measures is a new phenomenon.
Wassu – Kuntaur (Baboon Island – Chimpanzee Rehabilitation Project)
We cross with the ferry from Banjul and travel via the North Bank giving visitors the opportunity to step away from the comforts of their hotel and head into rural heartland to The McCarthy Island Division area, approximately 175 miles up-river where the "real country" can be experienced. We visit Wassu to see the mysterious Stone Circles, followed by a stop at the weekly "Lomo" market (should it be open on the day we are visiting), where you will be given a guided tour. Proceed to Kuntaur from here, where you will be met by the staff of the Chimpanzee Rehabilitation Project (CRP) for a cruise by pirogue around the island en route to the Chimpanzee centre. Here you will experience life with the chimps, protected in this national forest that comprises of three islands 270km inland of The River Gambia. From the boat, visitors can closely observe the chimps with minimal intrusion (chimp sightings not always guaranteed). There is also the possibility of seeing hippos, crocodiles, Red Colobus, Green Vervet monkeys, warthogs, hyenas and also The Gambia’s famous birdlife. Lunch will be served at the camp. Cruise back to Kuntaur where your driver and guide will be waiting for your return journey to Banjul.
Yabouy Home Cooking
Seize the opportunity to exchange cultural values and experience a typical day in a Gambian household. A Gambian lady, and initiator of this unique activity will host visitors in her house for the day, welcoming guests with a choice of local outfits to change into during the visit. The day’s activities include a visit to the market to purchase fresh seafood and produce for the day’s lunch, and cooking of a Gambian dish using local utensils and ingredients. A traditional eating setting, where a mat is spread on the floor and food dished out on a big communal plate will be set up for those willing to try a new experience. Dessert with fresh fruits of the season will be served. “Mborr, mborr”, which is a local herbal tea customarily served when the family gets together to relax and socialize, will be brewed.

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